Mega Maze

Mega Maze is our first game from Chronova and it's not your typical maze game! Mega Maze is a first person puzzler that comes stocked with 60 puzzles, some are mazes, some are maze-like, and some not so much. We've added additional ways to enjoy and enhance the puzzle solving experience. You haven't solved mazes like these!

Part of our inspiration for Mega Maze comes from glass mazes found in carnival funhouses, because of this we've made the walls of the maze transparent so you won't get completely lost and feel like you are just aimlessly running around like you might in an old school screen saver. We've also add more elements to add to the puzzle solving fun.

Also, we know from experience that making hand drawn mazes has always been a fun little pastime as a kid. In order to bring some of that back into your life we have included a maze creation tool in the game so you can create your own maze and share them online! We can't wait to play your creations!

Check out the trailer to see it in action! Mega Maze is availble on the Games section for more information. Or visit Wii U eShop and will be coming to Steam in the near future.