Development On Hold

Hello all, we would like to thank everyone who has played Mega Maze! We hope you all have enjoyed it and we have been happy to have seen some very creative content be uploaded by our players. . While we had been planning to release more than just the one game, the team is now working in other opportunities with another game development team and while doing so Chronova cannot continue to develop games independently. We thank you all for your support and we hope to come back some day!

Mega Maze Greenlit

As we all know, Steam Greenlight has come to an end in favor of the new publishing service Steam Direct. During the last week of Steam Greenlight before officially closing for good, the people at Valve reviewed over 3,400 pending Greenlight submissions for games to be in the final batch of Greenlit games. Mega Maze has been chosen as one of these games in the final batch! Which of course means that you can expect to see Mega Maze be released in the Steam Store! With the Steam version of Mega Maze, players can still expect to create and share their own mazes and play the mazes users have created on the Wii U version of the game. More details of the Steam version of the game will be revieled as more developments are made.

First Game

Development on the Wii U version of Mega Maze is complete and all the proper publishing necessities have been met. Mega Maze will be arriving to the Nintendo eShop on January 19th 2017. You've probably noticed that this is one week after the Nintendo Switch announcement. Once you have finished watching the announcement and letting all that information soak in for a week, pick up Mega Maze to relax while you wait for its release. You can read more about Mega Maze in the Games section.

This Website

Welcome to! We have just launched our home base, we are still prepping some material to live here so please hold on while we calibrate our teleporters before transferring our cargo to this new living space. Things may look a little bare for now, but give it time.